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USB buzzer pushbutton illuminated configurable, white

USB buzzer pushbutton illuminated configurable, white

  • Brand: QuizTools
  • Product Code: QT215
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White USB buzzer for connection to a computer, adjustable with our config tool! The perfect crowd pleaser at trade shows (start your product video or presentation, for example), photo booths, events, or of course, a quiz! Additionally, you can use our QuizTools APP. With this, you can keep track of scores, display who pressed first, or have complete teams compete against each other.

By default, this push button is illuminated and flashes several times when pressed. This push button is recognized by a computer as a keyboard or mouse and is supplied complete with a 5 meter USB cable. With our USB Buzzer config tool you can easily set the button to any desired key or (left-middle-right) mouse click. The latest version of this config tool is available for download here.

The possibilities are endless. In addition to using our app, you can, for example, open an Excel worksheet where the push button automatically enters a number or letter when pressed. You can configure the button with a number/letter so that it automatically starts a PowerPoint presentation or plays a video. There are also various online games available that work with a key such as space or enter, allowing you to start, for example, a wheel of fortune. This button is also suitable for this purpose.

The APP cannot (yet) be linked to the following mouse click keys:

  • Function keys: F1 to F12, Escape, Enter, Backspace, Alt, Ctrl, Shift, Tab, Caps Lock, Home, End, Insert, Page up and down.
  • Left-right-right-click
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